A Film by Emilio Vazquez Reyes, United States of America, 2021

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Original Title Honeybee
Country of Production United States of America
Year of Production 2021
Running Time 2’59’’
Language Spanish
Production budget 350 USD
Emilio Vazquez Reyes Director, Writer, Producer
Nicolas Vazquez Reyes Executive Producer
Nicolas Vazquez Reyes Key Cast "Alejandro"
Renata Saori Key Cast "Dolores"
Dara Perez Key Cast "Gloria"
Donald Kurti Key Cast "Racist Thug #1"
Connor Eaton Key Cast "Racist Thug #2"
Camille Mak Make-up Artist
Angel Nava Audio Engineer

Florence Film Awards Florence
Best Super Short Film


An undocumented immigrant receives a heartwarming yet heartbreaking phone call from his daughter across the border.

Name Emilio Vazquez Reyes
Country United States of America
Emilio Vazquez Reyes is a 16-year-old High School filmmaker based in Frisco, Texas. With deep love and passion for the art and expression that cinema has to offer, he buried himself into his computer screen by writing scripts and making short camera tests with Super 8, 16mm, and digital cinema cameras. His influences of old foreign cinematic masters mixed with contemporary auteurs deeply encouraged his perspective of the essence of humanity, poetry, and emotion in cinema.

Student @ Heritage High School

Director's notes
As a second-generation Mexican immigrant, the topic of immigration is and will always be very personal to not only myself but my family as well. Although I personally never experienced much discrimination in my life, the fact that so many others similar to me have to suffer every day is nothing short of sickening. Through the emotional power that cinema holds, I wish to give a voice to those who are silenced. Although you can argue the politics of immigration, you cannot argue about the legitimacy of the torment that immigrants must face. I dedicate this film to the many Hispanic immigrants, whether they're undocumented or not, who have toconstantly endure the brutality of racism and prejudice that scar this nation.

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