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Short Culture Cuts #3: Move over, Hemingway, we’re the ones writing the shortest stories in the world!

Legend (exactly) has it that Ernest Hemingway – was he at Harry’s Bar? or at Luchow’s? – made a bet with some friends. “You’ll never be able to write a story in six words,” they said to him, but he was Hemingway, so he picked up a pen and a paper serviette and here are the six words, here is the perfect story: “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn”.

Blackball professional section: a new call for entries focusing on the crafting

A special section, in collaboration with Blackball, an Italian production company which uses the most innovative techniques in the creation of films and advertising.

Short Culture Cuts #2: Is a videoclip really enough to make you a great director?

< Over the past few weeks there has been quite a bit of discussion about an interview in the Variety series of Directors on Directors. At the height of the race for
the Oscars, this pairs off directors to discuss cinema, art, life, death and miracles. (keep reading) >

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