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N°1 Lumière Cinematograph: on 28th December 1895, at the Grand Café in Paris, the Lumière brothers organized the very first paid screening in the world. That day, 33 spectators gave 1 franc each to watch short films. Only a month later, long lines of people were waiting in front of the famous café to see those moving pictures.

MAX3MIN for its second editions launches a talk series: 3 on-line meetings freely accessible to all to talk about cinema, music, videogames and much more with the protagonists and industry professionals.

Each date in the festival programme will be streamed live, it will take around 40/50 mins and will be only in Italian, dedicated to Italian speaking. After the festival, the talk series will always be available for free on our website with english subtitles.

To take part, you simply register here in a few steps.


Sunday, March 13 at 6 pm
Cinema Sonoro with Mass Prod (Martino Marini)

Music production and sound design 
Masterclass held by Martino Marini 

“My passion for sound started when I was very young, I got fascinated by electronic music and I have been messing with sounds since then. In the past twenty years I have been involved in a variety of sound related projects as a student, teacher and performer. Recently my interest shifted to algorithmic and generative organization and concatenative synthesis of sounds, after being highly influenced by composers and thinkers like Curtis Roads and Miller Puckette. I released a good amount of albums and eps, in group and as a solo artist. I have been working in recording studios and radios, I have produced and toured with bands and have played as a D.J. and live performer around the world. I have made sounds for interactive installations, multimedia experiences, art installations, video art and dance pieces. In the past few years I have been focusing on teaching audio production and sound design.”

Friday, March 18 at 6 pm
Cinema Mascherato with Andrea Leanza  

Make-up & Prosthetics design, Special make-up effects, Creatures, Sculpture, Lifecasting, Prototyping, Special Costumes and more
Andrea Leanza in conversation with Mattia Carzaniga

Andrea Leanza lover since his childhood in dinosaurs, natural sciences, creatures, films and special makeup fx, beginning his experiences as a joke. During the years he deepened his knowledge in the techniques of life-casting, sculpting and texturing, mould making, applying and painting prosthetic appliances. He is constantly experiencing more and more advanced techniques and materials creating special make-up fx for commercials, sit-coms, music videos, short and feature films.

Among his projects: he worked as Creature Co-Supervisor for Matteo Garrone's Tale of Tales (starring Vincent Cassel, Salma Hayek, Toby Jones, John C. Reilly) selected at 2015 Cannes Film Festival and winner of 7 David di Donatello awards included Best Make-up and Best VFX; he brought famous italian politician Bettino Craxi's character back to life, masterfully played by Pierfrancesco Favino for the movie Hammamet, director Gianni Amelio (job for which they later get awarded with a David di Donatello in May 2021). He worked on Paul W. Anderson’s Resident Evil - the final chapter on the creation of the zombie’s makeup and on Milla Jovovich’s old age makeup application created by the studio of Oscar winner Matthew Mungle. He also joined the crew of some famous TV productions such as BBC's Dr. Who and movie productions such as Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria remake.

Tuesday, March 22 at 6 pm
Cinema Giocato with Pietro Righi Riva (Santa Ragione) 

Making indie games with film technology
Masterclass held by Pietro Righi Riva, Game Director - Santa Ragione

Santa Ragione is an Italian micro game design studio dedicated to developing games and video games. Founded by Pietro Righi Riva and Nicolò Tedeschi in 2010. Santa Ragione’s games focus on achieving a visceral response from the player, whether through the desolate landscapes of MirrorMoon EP, the uncompromising, vertigo-inducing speeds of FOTONICA, or the controversial politics in Wheels of Aurelia. The studio has a unique, experimental approach to accessibility that encourages exploration and personal interpretation, to achieve surprising depth. Santa Ragione’s inspiration comes equally from literature classics, evocative electronica, and contemporary art, to strive and stand out stylistically and continue the tradition of Italian design. The studio is currently at work on the survival horror adventure Saturnalia.

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