Another One for Daddy

A Film by Eszter Kajlik, Hungary, 2021

Original Title Még egyet apuka kedvéért
Country of Production Hungary
Year of Production 2021
Running Time 2’32’’
Language Hungarian
Eszter Kajlik Creator
Attila Sipos Music and Sound Design
Lajos Érsek Sound Engineers
Levente Marko Sound Engineers
Kata Milla Kovács voiced by
György Pálos voiced by
Dorottya Kovács voiced by
Zsuzsa Tőtszegi voiced by
Bálint Zágoni Producer
Attila Bertóti Mentors
Péter Vácz Mentors


A short film about the 'husband stitch' - a little known misogynistic practice performed after childbirth and how it affects the life of those who are involved.

Name Eszter Kajlik
Country Hungary
Drawing her first GIFs as a nine-year-old, Eszter Kajlik developed a strong enthusiasm for animation and storytelling very early on. Growing up, animation has remained her favourite way of self expression. Eszter lived through the turmoils surrounding SZFE (the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest) and held on to her dedication towards storytelling. Currently, she is finishing up her BA degree in Screenwriting at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

Student @ Filmtett, freeSZFE

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Voiced by:
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