A Film by Jonathan R. de Almeida, Brazil, 2021

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Original Title Reflexão
Country of Production Brazil
Year of Production 2021
Running Time 00’45’’
Language Portuguese
Jonathan R. de Almeida Director
Brenda Peres Simões Cinematography
Jonathan R. de Almeida Cinematography
Jonathan R. de Almeida Film Editing
Fábio Iafrate Music
Alexandre Nóbrega Colorist
Thierry Danrley Vasques Archive photos digitization
Jonathan R. de Almeida Producer
Jonathan R. de Almeida Key Cast"Self"

Quarentena Online Film Festival
May 4, 2021
QOFF 2021
Melhor Edição e Montagem (1°), Prêmio Impacto (1°), Prêmio Eu Me Vejo (1°), Melhor Narração (3°)

ALL THAT MOVES - International Film Festival São Paulo
December 4, 2021
ALL THAT MOVES - International Film Festival 1º edição
Melhor Micro Metragem (Best Super Short Film)

Festival Internacional de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada – FECEA
Alvorada, Rio Grande do Sul
December 2, 2021
FECEA 2021
Seleção oficial, Melhor Filme pelo Júri Popular Universitário


Reflection is a personal and experimental documentary. Jonathan, the doc's director, standing in front of a mirror recalls an event from his childhood, reflecting on the image he has of himself. To do this, he immerses himself in his past. All of this happens extremely fast, like the duration of a thought and the format of a micro short.

Name Jonathan R. de Almeida
Country Brazil
Jonathan R. de Almeida is a Brazilian student and filmmaker, who had his first contact with filmmaking in high school, when he worked as First AD in the short film “Plano B” (“Plan B”), which was exhibited in the 30º Kinoforum Festival, in 2019.
Since 2018, he’s been enrolled in the Federal University of São Carlos, studying film, and has been involved in several independent student films. He is also part of the group “AK16”, a local music collective, where he worked as assistant and director in the production of music videos.
He’s made several one minute shorts, and some have been in the “Festival do Minuto” (“One minute Festival”), such as “Hoje é Dia de Jogo”, “Minuto de Inspiração” and “Brincando até Tarde”, which put together have more than 7000 views. He was also part of the crew in the short “Acerto de Contas”, shot in Super 8mm film, which won an Honorable Mention Award in the 5º Super Off Festival.

Student @ Universidade Federal de São Carlos

Director's notes
The movie was shot during social isolation due to the corona virus pandemic; it’s a short movie with a very small budget. The crew was reduced, composed by people close to me: my roommates, and friends working online.
It could seem as if the pandemic and small budget forced a small crew, but I can’t imagine “Reflection” being made in a different way, or being a longer film. Because it talks about a delicate theme and exposes personal memories, being the work where I’ve made myself the most vulnerable. That being said, it’s the one where I’ve received the most feedback about identification, like receiving the award “Eu me vejo” (“I see myself”), from QOFF.
Besides being such a personal work, the short duration of “Reflection” was essential, aside from making it more financially viable, its duration allowed me to experiment with language and editing. It also allowed me to be a part of every step of the production, and being comfortable about being vulnerable with the crew.

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