What Do You Do?

A Film by Jonas Becher, Anjuna Hartmann, Germany, 2023

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Original Title Was tust du?
Country of Production Germany
Year of Production 2023
Running Time 2'59"
Language German
Editor: Anjuna Hartmann
Director of Photography: Jonas Becher
Assistance: Geraldine Francis Rodriguez, Ciaran Hendrick
Outfits: Li von von Massow
Colorist: Simon Hardegger
Music: Tobias Brudermüller, Nils Baumgärtel, Ciaran Hendrick
Sounddesign: Frederic Hellmann
Voice: Anita Adler


Production Company or Producer Jonas Becher


"Was tust du?" ("Would do you do?") is a Social Spot about acting on climate change.
The film depicts the frustration that one can get and the feeling of not being able to do enough, while diving into different attempts on making a change.
The aim is to get people to inform themselves and start to act - in whatever way they can.

Name Jonas Becher
Country Germany
Jonas Becher is a freelance DP based in Innsbruck.
His interest in film began with lensing his sport of freestyle-kayaking and whitewater. From there he got quickly drawn into cinematography and storytelling.
Jonas likes diving into new ideas and creating dynamic pieces.

Student @ University of Applied Sciences Mainz

Director's notes
This film is a personal project shot in a very small team, without budget.
I found it quite important, with all the companies that are trying to use global warming and greenwashing to promote their purposes, to have a film that only has the aim of creating more awareness and getting people to inform themselves, without selling a product.
That's why there are no sponsors or clients, to be able to transfer an honest message, without any third parties messing with it.
Everyone on the team worked for free and costs were paid from personal resources.

Name Anjuna Hartmann
Country Germany
Anjuna early got into photography and was soon drawn into filmmaking as well. During her studies she worked in various positions on and in post production. Today she specializes in Film Editing and Photography, working freelance for brands and passion projects all over the world.

Student @ University of Applied Sciences Mainz

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