This Is Fine

A Film by Gianmarco Nepa, Italy, 2021

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Original Title This Is Fine
Country of Production Italy
Year of Production 2021
Running Time 3'00"
Language Italian
Director of Photography: Francesca Florindi
Editor: Pasquale Nocerino
Sound: Mario Orritos

Bookciak Azione! Giornata degli Autori - Mostra del cinema di Venezia - Winner Bookciak Azione!
39 Sulmona International Film Festival - Winner - Best "Abruzzo Short" Italy
Festival International Signes de Nuit - Mention for the Signs Award


Production Company or Producer Cristiano Di Felice, IFA Scuola di Cinema
Contact Person Vanessa Patanè


Distribution Company IFA Scuola di Cinema
Contact Person Vanessa Patanè


This is Fine tells us the story of the human's modern addiction to natural and social's catastrophes. These events, streamed through the TV's screen, seem to not have any impact on people, as to forget about them all you need is a switch.

Name Gianmarco Nepa
Country Italy
Born in 1994, Gianmarco Nepa is a student at IFA Film School where he is specializing in screenwriting and directing. He worked as assistant director on some projects, but "This is fine" marks his directorial debut. His short film was awarded at "Bookciak Azione!" the pre-opening event of Giornate degli autori (Venice Film Festival).

Student @ IFA Scuola di Cinema

Director's notes
This is Fine was born from a personal reflectin on today's society, on how we are constantly bombarded with a non-stop flow of information from the media and how this, over time, is making us progressively insensitive to the succession of natural catastrophes caused by climate change. This "overdose of information", as perfectly summarized by Veronica Passeri in "Penelope alla Peste", was the starting point of the entire project: right from the beginning, the intention was to tell this aspect of our society free from prejudice and any kind of criticism.

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