The Glazier's Daughter

A Film by Lucía López, Argentina, 2022

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Original Title La hija del vidriero
Country of Production Argentina
Year of Production 2022
Running Time 2'01"
Language Spanish

Mejor animación - Festival de cine Cipoletti (Argentina, 2022)
Mejor videominuto - Festival de cine Latinoamericano de La Plata - FESAALP (Argentina, 2022)


After spending her childhood in her father's glass shop, the author interprets glass as a familiar material. A confused childhood observed 20 years later, a childhood that the glazier's daughter tries to treasure using paint and glass, elements that she will soon discover are just as fragile as her own memory.

Name Lucía López
Country Argentina
Lucía López (b. 1995, Bs As, Argentina), image and sound designer, painter and producer. Explore the mix between painting, glass and digital media. Co-director and art director of The Thaw (2020), a short film that has toured various festivals and has been recognized nationally and internationally. She’s currently presenting her second short film - The Glazier’s Daughter (2022) - in which she incorporates glass as a fundamental material of her authorial identity.

2020 El deshielo
2022 La hija del vidriero

Director's notes
After spending my childhood in my father's glass shop, glass became a familiar material, which represents a refuge, but one of the most fragile I know. My memory is a treasure that, like glass, fragments. The Glazier's Daughter is a short film that makes sense from its materialization: going back to my father's workshop to rediscover those forgotten treasures, going through the glass to get closer to them and face my greatest fear: the passage of time.

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