A Film by Emir Ahmad Fauzan, Indonesia, 2022

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Original Title Phonedemic
Country of Production Indonesia
Year of Production 2022
Running Time 3'00"
Language English
Production budget 75 USD
Cast: Adham Fauzian
Editor: Emir Ahmad Fauzan
Cinematographer: Emir Ahmad Fauzan
Visual Effect Artist: Emir Ahmad Fauzan
Gaffer: Zahid Athallah Sabir
Sound Recordist: Zahid Athallah Sabir
Boom Operator: Zahid Athallah Sabir
Production By: Emiraf Films

Official Selection Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival 2022; Semi-Finalist Student World Impact Film Festival 2023


Production Company or Producer Emir Ahmad Fauzan
Contact Person Emir Ahmad Fauzan


The world today is very dependent on smartphones, even to the point that humans will feel empty and restless if they don't hold or carry them. This event is certainly a large-scale mental health disease but it is not a pandemic,it's a "Phonedemic".

Name Emir Ahmad Fauzan
Country Indonesia
Emir Ahmad Fauzan (b. 2000) a filmmaker from Bandung, Indonesia. Since junior high school he has been interested in the world of filmmaking and the arts. until in senior high school he made a production house "Emiraf Films" that has a vision to expand capabilities to Go International and advance the Film Industry in Indonesia. Emir currently focuses on directing, but he has experience as a cinematographer, editor, visual effects artist, and even as an actor.

Student @ Telkom University

2016, Wheel of Life
2018, Choice
2021, Forest Talk
2022, Phonedemic
2023, Despondent

Director's notes
Nowadays, holding and playing smartphones has become a habit and is something that everyone must carry, but what happens if your smartphone runs out of battery and there is no place to charge it or it is even damaged? And what I see today is that people are worried about a situation where if they can't play their smartphone as if they can't do anything, and if they don't hold their smartphone, the world feels empty. That's what's happening in people's lives today, smartphones and social media seem to be their energy to live life, and this phenomenon is what I want to bring up to be my Experimental Film work entitled "Phonedemic".

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