Futuri Aprili

A Film by Enrico Bellenghi, Italy, 2023

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Original Title Futuri Aprili
Country of Production Italy
Year of Production 2023
Running Time 2'55"
Language English
Production budget 300 EUR
Writer: Enrico Bellenghi
Editor: Andrea Zendali
DoP: Valentina Todeschi
Camera operator: Riccardo Pellegrino
1AC and colorist: Pietro Ronzoni
Sound engineer: Stefano Monti
Question writer and interviewer: Francesca Perrotta
Music: Andrea Costanza
Producer: Enrico Bellenghi
Executive producer: Valentina Todeschi, Riccardo Pellegrino
1AD: Dario Tavelli
Production coordinator: Edoardo Maione
Production Assistant: Alice Gnech
Production Agency: Bright srl, ARTC Agency
Wardrobe: Antonio Marras, Miaoran, Red September, Amish, New era, Pas De Mer, Isabella 1985, Laboratorio riciclopelle , Saverio Palatella, Carmine Vallone, Absidem, Francesca Cottone, Kiara Saba, John Zucca, Andrea Boccadoro, Deville
Fashion showrooms: Sept. showroom, S2B press, Terenzi Communications, Stove Communication, Nob showroom
Studio: Photosyntesis
Film stock: Panalight
Lab and development: Kafard films, Silverway


Production Company or Producer Bright srl
Contact Person Enrico Bellenghi


Futuri Aprili is a film that explores the social concerns of young subcultures. Through a mix of documentary and fiction, the film features interviews with diverse individuals transitioning into adulthood.

Name Enrico Bellenghi
Country Italy
Enrico Bellenghi (b. 1998) is a young filmmaker born in Bologna and based in London and Milan.
His education in various artistic fields in universities: Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and University of the Arts London.

Student @ University of Arts London

Director's notes
"Futuri Aprili" started as a personal reflection on my liminal state between college and the adult world. I explored this feeling in others by discussing social issues that impact this transition. Through the voices of diverse identities, the film became a journey of representation and self-discovery.

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