A Film by Ali Hegazy, Egypt, 2020

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Original Title خوف
Country of Production Egypt
Year of Production 2020
Running Time 2'40"
Language Arabic

Audience award in the Mentor Arabia Film Competition in 2022


Production Company or Producer Dossier Films, Ali Hegazy
Contact Person Ali Hegazy


I think that opening up about our feelings makes it a lot easier to deal with them. In this short documentary, I have explored the fear that lies within us. Perhaps talking about it would give us a chance to overcome it or even live with it.

Name Ali Hegazy
Country Egypt
Ali Hegazy is an Egyptian filmmaker born in 1994.
He believes we all have a passion for something that makes us strive to achieve it. He came to realize that art is, what makes him tick, and it's how he can discover and express himself.
His passion has led him to learn continuously about all aspects of filmmaking, and he has worked on many different projects as a writer, producer, editor, and director. His films have also participated in several film festivals. His current focus is documentary filmmaking, and he works mainly as a producer and director.

2021, Persistent / Documentary Film, Executive Producer
2021, 1994 / Documentary Films, One Man Crew
2020, FEAR / Documentary Film, One Man Crew
2019, Soorah Shakhsia / Documentary Series, Producer/Editor/ Director
2018, Faces of Aswan / Documentary Film, One Man Crew
2017, Saba’ Sanaye / Documentary Film, Co-Producer/Writer
2016, Helm Fi Zarf / Documentary Film, Assistant Producer/Cinematographer
2016, Atlantis / Short Film, Producer
2016, Khadija / Documentary Film, Creative Director

Director's notes
I believe that by shedding light on the fears that reside within us, we create an opportunity for emotional healing and personal empowerment. The film serves us that, speaking openly about our fears rather than bottling them up.

I tried to stay away from filming talking heads style and, filming most of the film's scenes in the streets of Egypt and photograph passers-by, as each of them forms the gateway to a big world full of fears lurking inside him and is always afraid to talk about it, so I decided to film them through the hero of the film, whose story is similar many in society, in addition to using colors and visual identity for the film that expresses the feeling of fear.

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