A Film by Miki Katsuki, Kotomi Honda, Naoto Bob Sawada, Japan, 2022

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Original Title
Country of Production Japan
Year of Production 2022
Running Time 3'00"
Language Japanese
Production budget 1000000 JPY
Script Writer, Storyboard Writer and Editor : Miki Katsuki
Key Cast : Kotomi Honda
Camera Director : Naoto Bob Sawada
Art Department : Miki Katsuki, Kotomi Honda, Naoto Bob Sawada
Staff : Hiroko Baba, Naoki Yamano, Yuri Iwata
Voice Actors : Vanessa Lin, Roman Lucas Biers
Special Thanks : Honda Family


”Hina dolls" are given only to girls with the wish that they will have a happy marriage with a man in the future.

“Hina dolls" flow down the river. They come from the outside into the inside. When I touch the water, when I touch the wall, it comes. It passes through the pipe and is transmitted by the water.

It is coming.

Name Miki Katsuki
Country Japan
Born 1998 in Singapore. studied architectural design in Fukuoka and Tainan, 2017-2023.
I am blessed to live in Edward Yang's Taiwan, which I most admire. Living in Taiwan makes me think about the complexity of the history of East Asian countries and how they relate to each other. But I am always confused about being a woman in Asian culture, and acting and dressing like a woman. I used traditional Japanese dolls as a motif in the film because I am afraid that I am consumed as a symbol in the culture. I am always unsure, but I love to express myself through architecture, painting, and film.

Name Kotomi Honda
Country Japan
Born 1998 in Nagasaki, Japan. studied architectural design in Okinawa, Fukuoka, 2017-2023.
My grandfather was a carpenter. The residence in the "Coming" was built by my grandfather 80 years ago. I'm doing house design under the influence of my grandfather. The residence and surrounding area is my original landscape. Now the dilapidated buildings and degraded neighborhoods are about to return to nature. This movie is a record of three people playing in the area before it returned to nature in Japan.

Name Naoto Bob Sawada
Country Japan
Born 1998 in Osaka, Japan. studied architectural design in Osaka, Fukuoka and Milan, 2017-2023. 2023, given the name Bob.
Interested in the existence and scale of things. Memories are priceless.

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