Absent Presence

A Film by Giorgia Ponticello, Jody Amedeo Hinterleitner, Italy, 2023

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Original Title Absent Presence
Country of Production Italy
Year of Production 2023
Running Time 1'00"
Language English
Performer and coreographer: Giorgia Ponticello
Cinematographer: Jody Hinterleitner
Sound Designer: Simone Meneghelli

Winner of CAM CAM Dance for Camera 2023 (Italy)


To perceive, from the Greek "touch at a distance". Absent Presence is the surreal journey of a disconnected body in an attempt to find itself in the spaces of an empty house. A game of perceptions, between the ambiguity of reflections and distorted shadows, which leads the viewers to wonder about the relativity of what they are watching.

Name Giorgia Ponticello
Country Italy
Artist, performer and graphic designer, Giorgia (b. 1998) is trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genova with a thesis on the relationship between performer and spectator: a project that will be selected among the finalists of the international screendance festival Fuori Formato 2021. She is currently involved as an interpreter in GOCCE - Ritual of community of Federica Loredan, performance that blends different artistic languages such as urban dance and body music.

2021, Touchskin - story of a blind body

Director's notes
The project was born in lockdown in 2020 as a photographic series of selfportraits taken in the environments of my house. The initial intent was to explore everyday spaces through a new look, a new approach: everything was born as a fun therapeutic way in a moment of social closure and isolation in our homes. Later I had the intuition that these shots needed to be moved, so I decided to connect the photographs to tell a single story and it worked: the common thread was the process and the concept of physical space merging with mental space.

Name Jody Amedeo Hinterleitner
Director of photography and photographer, Jody (b. 1999) attended the professional course of film and television editing that allowed him to get in touch with different realities such as “e-motion - multimedia factory” (Genova), where he currently works full-time.
Currently he‘s collaborating with local artist and experimenting new ways to integrate AI-generated imagery into in his audiovisual projects.

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