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three minutes.

MAX3MIN 2022
Very Short Film Festival



In order to participate in the event “MAX3MIN Very Short Film Festival” (hereinafter also the “Festival”), the candidate fully accepts the following Regulations.

• Short films will be admitted to the Festival, based on the selection in accordance with the terms of these Regulations, that satisfy the following requirements:
- Length: maximum three (3) minutes, excluding end credits.
- Year: it must be produced after 1st January 2019.
- Media: digital. Formats allowed: MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI or WMW.
- Language: Candidate’s choice, as long as English subtitles are present.
- Number of productions: maximum of three (3) per applicant.

• The candidate represents that the work transmitted (and all its contents) is his/her property or that he/she is the owner of all rights thereto, including economic rights to exploit the same.

• The candidate undertakes to send to the Festival organisation all documentation proving ownership of the rights to exploit the work (“clearance”), and in particular, all useful information about: synopsis, direction notes, production context of the work, parties with rights, as well as all content and persons present in the work (music, possible soundtrack, images, animations) and the related clearance.

• The candidate undertakes to indemnify the Festival organisation and hold it harmless from all claims, demands or legal actions by third parties who own the intellectual property rights and/or rights to exploit the works submitted.

• To send a short film to the Festival Organisation, the candidate must register for free at the site (hereinafter also the “Site”) and accept the relevant terms and conditions of use. 

• Through the free registration, the candidate authorises the Festival Organisation to:
- Process his/her personal data in accordance with the GDPR and the privacy policy available on the Site.
- Archive a copy of the short film, if admitted, for archiving and study purposes.
- Broadcast on the Site (streaming on demand, loop, etc.) clips, miscellany, content trailers, or clips of admitted short films to promote the Festival, including after its conclusion. Any commercial exploitation of the short films is prohibited.

• The short films can be submitted to the Festival organization from 15 September 2021 to 13 December 2021, in accordance with procedures that will be specified on the Site. For films produced in 2022, the deadline for the submission is 20 January.

• The candidate undertakes to transmit the short films with English subtitles, following the procedures that will be specified on the Site. Failure to comply with even one of the
conditions set forth in section 1 of these Regulations will result in the work not being admitted to the Festival.

• The short films will be evaluated by the Preselection Committee, which will make a decision, in its sole discretion, regarding admission to the Festival. The results of that pre-selection will be published on the Site.

• The candidate acknowledges and accepts that all decisions, evaluations and/or judgements of the Preselection Committee, the Festival Jury and the Festival organization in general are of a purely discretionary nature and as such cannot be challenged, and thus he or she waives any appeal.

• Admission to the Festival shall be considered confidential until the list of admitted works and the Calendar of their availability are published on the Site.

• If a candidate’s short film is admitted, he or she undertakes to deliver a copy of the work to the Festival organisation in the format and manner that will be published on the Site. If his or her short film is admitted, the candidate grants a free license to use (including to promote and sponsor the work and the Festival) and broadcast the work, including for
archiving and study purposes.

• Failure to transmit all the documents listed in section 2 of these Regulations to the Festival organisation by 25 February 2022 will result in elimination from the competition.

• The short films admitted to the Festival will be broadcast on the Site according to the Calendar established by the Festival organisation.

• During each programming day, registered users will be able to view each of the short films on the Calendar on demand with no playback limits. This group of short films will remain available for viewing only on the date established by the Festival Calendar.


MAX3MIN JURY AWARD: the international jury will choose the best 10 short films and will award the winner with 3.000€ cash prize.

MAX3MIN NEXT GEN AWARD: a new award dedicated to cinema, media arts & design and multimedia arts students from across the globe. A selected jury (to be announced) will award the winner with a technical prize.

MAX3MIN AUDIENCE AWARD: the audience too will be asked to express their preferences on-line and to proclaim the 3 winners.

The Festival organization reserves the right to substitute new prizes and will inform candidates of the rules relating to them via the Site.

• After the Festival 

The Candidate authorises the Festival organization to broadcast on the Site (streaming on demand, loop, etc.) clips, miscellany, reviews of works, or each work admitted, including after the end of the event. The Festival organisation reserves the right to suspend or end the broadcast of the short films ninety (90) days after the end of the Festival.

• For any dispute relating to the interpretation, performance and termination of these Regulations, the Parties select the Court of Milan as the sole and unwaivable court, which will settle any dispute in accordance with the Italian law.

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