The Monads

A Film by Stefano Virgilio Cipressi, Italy, 2022

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Original Title Le Monadi
Country of Production Italy
Year of Production 2022
Running Time 2'
Language French
Production budget 74 EUR
Stefano Virgilio Cipressi Writer


Production Company or Producer Stefano Virgilio Cipressi
Contact Person Stefano Virgilio Cipressi


My grandfather gets on a train every day, but we don't know where it leads.
We only know that the stations it passes through are imaginary.

Name Stefano Virgilio Cipressi
Country Italy
Stefano Virgilio Cipressi is an independent filmmaker born in Aversa (Italy) on February 3th, 1984. He's a director, cinematographer and producer for fiction and documentaries. He collaborates with various ONG's as participative cinema teacher.

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