A Body

A Film by Milena Tipaldo, Italy, 2021

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Original Title Un Corpo
Country of Production Italy
Year of Production 2021
Running Time 2'10"
Language Italian
Milena Tipaldo Writer
Enrico Ascoli Sound Design & Music
Claudio Cosimato Voice Over
Lorenzo Martellacci Second Voice

FMK Festival, Italy
June 28, 2021
Italian Premiere
Premio Qualità Crédit Agricole FriulAdria


Production Company or Producer Cinemazero
Contact Person Riccardo Costantini


There are many definitions that you can give to the word “body”. This short film is not just about human bodies, but also animal bodies, fruiting bodies, celestial bodies, metaphorical bodies. A voice over using puns drives you trough the life of many of that bodies, and their common destiny.

Name Milena Tipaldo
Country Italy
Milena Tipaldo was born the 26 September 1985 in Annecy (FR). In 2007 she graduates at the academy of fine arts in Genoa, then she moves to Turin to study at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, here she makes the graduation short movie “Mamma Mia”. She moves to Spain to work as character animator at the feature film "Psiconautas". After she starts a collaboration with Nerdo Studio where she works as animator and layout artist as well. In 2017 she founds the animation collective MIRA where she still works as author and art director. At the same time she works on personal projects where her artistic research can develop in different fields.

2013 Mamma Mia - graduation film - author
2015 Psiconautas y los niños olvidados - feature film - animator
2016 Beer - short film - animator
2017 Ode to Anxiety - indipendent short film - author
2018 Lagoon Gleam - video installation for Suzhou Design Week - co-author
2020 History of Edina Altara - short film - co-author
2020 Il Pasquino - short film - co-author
2020 Che Meraviglia - short film - co-author
2020 Quentin Blake’s Clown - TV Special - animator
2021 A Body - shortfilm - author

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